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The HinterLands: Mining Game

The HinterLands: Mining GameThe HinterLands: Mining GameThe HinterLands: Mining Game

If you are tired of maynkrafta and want to play something like this on a mobile device, then you should pay attention to The HinterLands: Mining Game. The game focuses on multiplayer, so you can choose the gender of your character, as well as adjust the color of his clothes. At the beginning of the game you will be given the ax for chopping wood, pick - to work with the ground and the sword - for attack and defense. Be careful, because the enemy can attack suddenly and catch you by surprise. Of course, if there will be friends, then you will be more likely to destroy the threat. Try rather to exchange the wooden sword to the metal. Overall, the game is a fun and playable, despite the fact that is on the alpha testing.

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