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    LG Thrill 4G

    Operating system: Android 2.2
    Screen: 480*800

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Joseph Run

Joseph RunJoseph RunJoseph Run

The name of the main character Joseph. He is a tireless adventurer and seeker of exciting adventures. Setting "top " causes him to steal an ancient relic from the temple of the god Shiva east and from the spirits began to revive, that it protects. They go after him in order to win her back and forever put an end to our hero. Go to the first assignment with Joseph, who is obliged to return the relic to his seat, with his life ...
Only in this game three degrees, which are repeated. When fully passing them the first time (in Arcade and Classic mode) opens a new mode "The Boss ". Oh and one more, throughout the game the speed of our character is constantly increasing.

System Requirements: Android 2.1



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Category: games for android » arcade

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